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TOKAJ ÜDÜLŐ Olcsó szállás Olcsó árak Tokaj Hegyalja

Cheap accommodation

We are one of the most inexpensive hotels in Tokaj. We deserved this “cheap accommodations” title because a lot of our services are free!

The building also has several rooms; there are rooms with double beds for two people and there are rooms with bunk beds. The resort is equipped with separate male and female sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, bidets), balcony, common rooms, kitchenette.

Each room has its own sanitary facilities.

Pillows, bed-linen and blankets belong to the beds.

More than 100 people can comfortably relax on the recreation area.

A 30m2-pier belongs to the Guesthouse.

Leisure programs in the building of an area of 300 m2, and in a 2,500 m2-open-air area can be performed.

The Guesthouse area includes a campfire ring with benches and chairs.

The resort area includes a parking.

Bodrogzug Vendégház - 3910 Tokaj, Bodrogkereszturi út. 3. Tel: 0036(30)475/3885 E-mail: