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The Bodrogzug Guesthouse offers great opportunities for recreation for all ages, within the framework of an action-packed, unforgettable summer recreation, enriched with exclusive programs. In addition to cheap accommodation, camping is also possible! “Fesztivál Katlan”(Festival Kettle), Hungary’s unique entertainment centre has to be mentioned too, located just a few minutes’ walk from the Guesthouse. You can find the tortoise house and the Water Nature Trail on the banks of the River Tisza, where we can drive our guests by speed boat.

Bodrogzug Vendégház Tokaj

The primary criteria are mainly the active sports, team sports, culture and outdoor activities – all in a funny and rich environment. Naturally, we do not forget about fishing, either. Fish Cleaning Area, 30 m2 pier, boat harbour (option) also contribute to the unforgettable fish-catching!

Water sports, entertainment and games along with cultural excursions (Tokaj Museum, wine tasting, cellar tours) are unique to this region. You can find more information under the menu “Programs”.

Discover the beauty of the Tokaj region with us, even by bike! The Bodrogzug Guesthouse is surrounded by a picturesque environment and is located directly on the banks of the slow-moving Bodrog. It is almost completely closed from the outside world, in a clean environment. Bodrogzug Guesthouse – 3910 Tokaj, Bodrogkereszturi Street 3 – Phone: 0036(30)475/3885 E-mail:

bodrogzug kalandtábor térkép

bodrogzug kalandtábor térkép

Bodrogzug Vendégház - 3910 Tokaj, Bodrogkereszturi út. 3. Tel: 0036(30)475/3885 E-mail: